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Extraff was created by a group of military personnel seeking to promote human welfare and provide a better financial future for military members and their families.

It is a well known fact that financial struggles exist within our military communities and we are here to significantly minimize this issue. Our company aims in creating a platform that enables all our members in obtaining a higher living standards and financial freedom. This works by evenly distributing all investments among members when they need it most.


To give all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher living standards and free them from financial struggles.


Our vision is to see people live totally independent lives, free from debt and financial struggles.

How It Works

Select a Package

We have a range of packages for you to choose from. The top number is your contribution and the bottom number is what you get in return. All the returns are non taxable. Check out the details of the packages below:

  • Standard
  • $100
  • Auto Matching
  • $160 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Gold
  • $200
  • Auto Matching
  • $320 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Silver
  • $500
  • Auto Matching
  • $800 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • AutoLoan
  • $650
  • Auto Matching
  • $1,040 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Platinum
  • $1,000
  • Auto Matching
  • $1,600 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Mortgage
  • $1,500
  • Auto Matching
  • $2,400 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Vacations
  • $3,000
  • Auto Matching
  • $4,800 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up
  • Enterprise
  • $5,000
  • Auto Matching
  • $8,000 Return on Investment
  • Sign Up

Get Matched to Pay an Existing Member

After selecting a suitable package, the system will automatically match you to an existing member you are to make payment to.

Make Payment

Get the account details of the member you are to pay to from your dashboard and pay the stated amount.

Upload Payment Proof

While making payment via transfer, mobile or internet banking, ensure that you take screenshots to be uploaded as evidence of payment. If payment is done via bank deposit, kindly scan the teller and upload as evidence of payment.

Get Payment Activation

When you have uploaded the proof of payment, get in touch with the existing member you made payment to, to activate your package. In the extremely rare case of the member not activating your package, kindly write a support ticket to the admin and we will investigate the payment. If the payment evidence is confirmed to be true, we will activate your package and permanently block the account of the existing member. If the payment evidence is found to be false, your account will be permanently blocked as there is no room for fraudsters on EXTRAFF.

The System Assigns Two Downlines to Pay You

Upon activation of your package, the system will assign two members to pay you. For instance, if you subscribe to the $1,000 package, the system will assign two people to pay you $1,000 each less admin fees within 24 hours! Remember the quicker you make your payment the system will autorecycle you sooner.

Receive Payments from Downlines

Each downline is given 24 hours to make payment. In the event that a downline fails to make payment within the stipulated time, the downline's account will be blocked. However, a downline can request for a time extension of twelve hours from you and you can extend the time frame by twelve hours.

When a downline makes payment and uploads evidence of payment, DO NOT confirm payment without checking your bank account balance from your financial institution. If you do so, there is nothing the admin can do about it as payment confirmation is an irreversible process on the system.

Activate Downlines

When you are fully convinced that a downline has made payment, you can proceed to activate.

Auto Recycle

You are free to choose if the system should autorecycle you or not. If you choose autorecycle mode, every time you make a payment and it gets activated the system will put you back in the pool and you just wait for the feeders to get assigned to you. if you choose otherwise you will need to subscribe to a package manually each time.


What is Extraff ?

Extraff is a member to member donation and mutual aid fund Platform for members to help one another in an efficient way. By using this method, members gives and receives donations from each other.

What is the aim of Extraff ?

Our aim is to create a safe platform that gives all participants an avenue to enjoy a higher living standards.

How are the packages on Extraff Different?

The different packages are designed to accomodate a specified investment amount. The higher the package, the more money you invest. Hence, the more profit you make. We have labeled out the packages to help you out in deciding which one suits you best.

Who can join Extraff ?

Extraff was launched to support our military communities, but is opened for military supporters as well, as long as you play by the rules. Equal benefits and donations are assigned to all.

Is Running Multiple Accounts Allowed?

Yes, you can run multiple accounts, but you must run them with different usernames and valid email addresses as those are unique in the system, also you must choose different packages between both accounts to avoid getting yourself matched up by the system.

How Much Does Setting Up An Account Cost?

Setting up an account with Extraff is 100% FREE! No charges whatsoever!!

How Long Will It Take To Get Downlines To Pay Me?

The time it takes for you to get paid depends on the flow of users in the system. To shorten this timeframe, we have introduced the autorecycle feature which recommends existing members to keep donating in the system while retaining their profits of course. Downlines are assigned to pay usually on or before 24 hours!

How Can I Join Extraff ?

There are two ways to join :

  • You get invited by an existing member via his/her referal link. After clicking the referal link, you will be redirected to a registration page where you fill out a simple registration form. This process takes less than two minutes. After successfully filling out the form, you will be granted access to your dashboard where you can join a package and start investing.

  • In the event where you are not refered by anyone, you can head over to Registrations and fill out the simple registration form there.

How Much Compensation Do I Receive From Referring People?

You get 10% of the first package your referrals sign up for. For example, if you refer someone to the system and the person starts by joining the Small package of $1,000, your wallet will be credited with 10% of $1,000 which is $100. However, this is a one time payment after that package, the next time your referrals donate into the system, you will not receive any compensation.

How Many Packages Can I Subscribe To At The Same Time?

You can run all the packages at the same time as long as you can keep up with them and make your donations within the indicated time frame, if you fail to do so on time the system will automatically block your account. We recommend to start with one or two packages at the time until you get familiar with the system.

How Do I Receive Donation?

The downlines the system assigns to donate to you will do via the bank account details, PayPal, or bitcoin. You can choose to set up one of these methods or all of them. We recommend to enter as many payment methods as possible to make it easier to the payer.

Is Extraff Legal?

Extraff is a interpersonal platform where individuals will help one another deliberately, and they will join with their details. Also, the registered members have a monetary bound, and this is the motivation behind why Extraff is not a subject of legitimate relations thus the Extraff community can't be illicit. Lending cash by one person to another is not prohibited by any universal or domestic law.

I Have Donated, But My Package Hasn't Been Approved?

Extraff is a timed system. Members are given 23 hours to confirm donations made by their downlines (valid evidence of donation has been uploaded). Once this time frame elapses and there is still no approval, the case will be automatically moved to the Extraff Court where judges wilL review the issue and reach a verdict to confirm or cancel the donation based on the statements and evidences provided by you and the member you were matched to.

Help!!! The Downline Assigned to Me Refused to Donate

Keep Calm, there is no need to panic. Once the time assigned to a downline has been elapsed, the system will block the account of the downline and assign a new downline to you within 24 hours.

Got questions?