How it works

How do I register?

Registrations to this site are made via referral link, it means that you will need to get that link from an existing member or by sending me a message through the site's contact form. Bear in mind that you also need the existing member Username to join under his/her referral ID.  If you are not joining under via Referral ID, then just click on Individual Account and fill out the form.

How do I activate my first package?

Once you have been verified you will be redirected to your dashboard in there you will find a little window with the package you chose when joined, you have 24 hours to add funds to your account and activate it, if you fail to do so, the system will block your account and you will need to contact admin to unblock it. Once your package has been activated the funds will become available for trading.

 Can I invest in more than one package at once?

No, In order to achieve that you need to wait until your initial deposit is returned to you together with your gains and reinvest your money on the same or a different package.

 How do I deposit funds?

There's one option at this moment to deposit your funds, using NFCU member to member transfer. Go to Deposit Funds tab to start. Your credit will be accredited to your account and you will be able to activate your package right away. You must have a NFCU active account.